Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Proofing Yeast

Just some yeast know how.  I like Saf-Instant {from Winco} and Red Star {best value is at Costco}.  After a few months, yeast loses it's....I don't know...potency.  Anyway, if it's been hanging around too long, it won't work well, and your breads will not rise the way you need them to.  You should always keep your yeast in your fridge or freezer. {I store mine in Mason jars}  Here's a quick tutorial to help you determine if your yeast is still good for use.

Start with about 1/4 cup warm water

As I mentioned before, 115 degrees is about right, but if you don't feel like testing it, {I don't} here's a little trick that I use.  I place my face directly over the cup.  You should feel quite a bit of warmth around your face. {A yeast facial!  I could really be onto something here!!}

Add about a tablespoon of yeast

Some sugar.  Remember?  It helps the yeast along.

Give 'er a good stir

Until all the yeast is dissolved

Just a side view

If your yeast is good, then after a few minutes it should look bubbly and frothy.

It should have grown in size.  Double is always a good sign.

If your yeast resembles this, you're ready to go.  If not, go to your neighbor's and borrow some fresh stuff!


Steph said...

Oh, my goodness! That is so helpful! I've avoided any type of yeast recipe for YEARS because it never seemed to work for me. I'm now feeling inspired to try again.
You have a beautiful blog!

melanie said...

I just got brave enough to try another yeast recipe (they rarely turn out). Thanks for the proofing tips! I hope it turns out.